Saturday, February 7, 2009

To start with, ...

I'd like to explain who I am, why I have set up this blog and what or, more exactly, whom is it designed for.

Well, I have been always a little bit crazy in comparison to most of my sober friends, workmates and relatives. They all wanted me to be Diana Anna Maria, an exemplary student, teacher, colleague, friend, daughter, aunt and so on... To tell you the truth, I didn't mind as I always was and still remain an incorrigible optimist and altruist, hoping for the better (and working hard to achieve it), loving people, helping them, just making them happy... But there was someone else inside of me, namely, Metalliana, a bad girl wearing black leather, listening to metal music, practicing her little sorcery now and then, mocking and rebelling when she sees injustice or stupidity. In short, a witch.

One day, about five years ago, this witch fell in love with Georgia: its magnificent history, unique culture, its warm, openhearted people and their language that sounds like a small mountain river, is extremely difficult to learn, but even more exciting when you try to analyze it from the philological point of view. You see, a witch has a soul, too. And as a bad example is catching, Diana Anna Maria caught this infection immediately and became a dedicated supporter of everything Georgian, too.

I was named slightly insane (Georgian!? Georgia?! It's so far away... What do you need it for?! Does it make a sense at all?!), but I didn't care.

In my opinion, it does make sense. I've learned a lot since I took interest in Georgia, not only the language. I've met a lot of interesting people and would like to thank them all for supporting me in my desire to get to know Georgia better, even those, who made me suffer once, because I remember only the good things. I've taken a look into the Georgian people's hearts, warm, open and cheerful, but at the same time, proud and freedom-loving and a bit lazy, to tell you the truth, but charming :) I've been to Georgia for three times so far. I was warned about the possibility of being disappointed, but I wasn't disappointed at all. Of course, there are good things and bad things in that country, like elsewhere, but my interest in it even arouse since my first visit. Together with a colleague, I've been teaching a course on Georgia's history, culture and language at our University, doing my best to spread the infection. And life has rewarded me with the most precious gift I've ever been given, but this blog is not about it, so let's come back to the topic :)

I've collected a lot of Georgian stuff during the last five years: interesting articles, useful links, software, dictionaries, teaching materials and I would like to share all this with people outside Georgia, who are interested in Georgian language, culture, history, traditions. Finding good resources on the net is quite time-consuming so I thought, it would be useful to have a kind of all-in-one collection with some comments.

I had been thinking about the possibility of placing it somewhere online for some time, when my friend Rezo told me he'd just created a blog. As I mentioned before, a bad example is infectious. A blog? Why not? Oh yesss! :D And here we are.

The blog is called Vilnius - Tbilisi, like a picture created by Rezo. Why Vilnius - Tbilisi? I live in Vilnius, but my heart is in Tbilisi, so I am somewhere in the middle, hovering over (or more exactly: between) both these places. I know there are people who love me and are loved by me as well both here in Vilnius and there in Tbilisi. And I am just happy.

Well, that's the history of this blog. Got interested? Hang on! More stuff is coming.


  1. Hey, what about McDonald's coffee in Tbilisi at 4 am? :)

  2. to: naskida
    That was great, Bublik :) As well as the Narikala Fortress! But you'll hear more about it in my next post :)

  3. I am glad you do this wonderful blog ! I wish you much success ! Best regards, Hans

  4. დიან, ძალიან მოხარული ვარ შენი ბლოგის ნახვით...
    უღრმესად მეამაყება, რომ საქართველოს შენისთანა კეთილმსურველი ადამიანი ყავს.
    გაიხარე, ჩემო კარგო...

  5. Прекрасной ведьме желаю быть всегда счастливой и жизнерадостной. Пусть твое колдовство дарит близким тебе людям прекрасную и вечную любовь!